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 ESET Offline Cumulative Update 4033 (2009.04.24)

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Nerden : İst@nbul
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Kayıt tarihi : 15/04/09

MesajKonu: ESET Offline Cumulative Update 4033 (2009.04.24)   Paz 26 Nis. 2009 - 8:28

ESET Offline Cumulative Update 4033
for NOD32 & ESET Smart Security 3.0.x / 4.0.x (32 & 64-bit) | 32.5 MB
for NOD 32 version 2.7 | 14.1 MB
Definitions date: April 24, 2009

For those who don't have an internet connection, or need
update ESET definitions on several computers, this application will
install/update ESET definitions in a directory of their choice.

It might be a removable media, i.e. an USB drive which can be plugged
into each computer to update. Please note that the installer does not
make any change to the registry.

Once the
installation has completed, user simply needs specify that directory as
the update source within the ESET configuration panel (only once), then
update the product. Please note that it may take a while before your
ESET product recognizes your local update path as a valid one (first
time only). ESET.Offline.Cumulative.Update.4033.rar NOD32.v2.7.Offline.Cumulative.Update.4033.rar
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ESET Offline Cumulative Update 4033 (2009.04.24)
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