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 Acoustica DJ Twist and Burn v1.27 Build 150

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Kayıt tarihi : 15/04/09

MesajKonu: Acoustica DJ Twist and Burn v1.27 Build 150   Paz 26 Nis. 2009 - 8:50

Acoustica DJ Twist and Burn v1.27 Build 150 | 5.0 MB

Acoustica DJ Twist Burn
- Very convenient and multifunctional tool for the information mix. It
is simply doing the mixing MP3 files in real time, with additional
samples will be able to make great mixes. Acoustica DJ Twist Burn
suitable for beginners or advanced DJ. Atomix Also contains a lot of
effects and lotions for the DJ.In completing the program are: Skins,
additional effects, the additional sample, VDJ timecode and Id3tag at
what stocks can be on the official site of the developer. Virtual DJs

- Automatic file mix: has remixes
- Synchronize the machine: the creation and playback of files on the fly
- Clear song structure visualization: a file is divided into sections, both effects, and on time
- Video Connection: Make a mix, and connect it to your file
- Vinyl control: Easy control of MP3s files
- Convenient built-in function progrummu is writing directly to disk!
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Acoustica DJ Twist and Burn v1.27 Build 150
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